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The Quickie

 Basic one color mini manicure customizable with your choice of nail polish colors. $30


Mini manicure with an accent nail of nail art on each hand. $45

The Nailgasm

Mini Manicure with all the nail art you want on any amount of finger nails ! $60


My Story.


Founded by Patricia Ezell, but in the DFW nail art community she is known as her alter ego "MSPATTYCAKE".


She is THE Mobile Manicure Concierge for hire in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Whether it be in her 2015 Reissue Pink Shasta Canned Ham Camper Trailer or infamous stand alone table set up; MSPATTYCAKE provides a One of a Kind mobile nail art experience to accomodate any event and location. 


MSPATTYCAKE's Nail Art obsession started as a teen in 1999 and has continued to grow over many years into what she's created today. She became a licensed cosmetologist in 2002 and with that started popping up all over the Dallas, Fort Worth area doing in store pop ups, markets and individual at home appointments. The addition of her pink trailer named "Lolita" aka "Lola" came about 2015 after deciding that Nail Polish & the outdoors don't mix. 


Just a few awards under her belt are Dallas D Magazine's "Best of Big D" winner in 2014 for "Best Nail Art" which was created just for her and The Dallas Observer's "Best of Dallas" winner in 2015 for "Best place to get hammered and Nailed". In addition she has been featured in multiple articles and magazines. 


MSPATTYCAKE has done in-store events, individual appointments, festivals, fashion & hair shows, weddings, birthdays, print work, ads, corporate events and parties. She will come to you at ANY location that is convenient for you in DFW and Beyond! She doesn't limit herself and she is open to any challenge! She is able to accomodate Groups of all ages, anytime and anywhere!  


She pours her heart into her work and stays on top of nail trends so there is ALWAYS Satisfaction guaranteed! 

lila  pulitzer nails.
steve madden nails.
dripping paint.
modern 1/2 moon nails.
negative space nails.
Sailor Jerry nails.
mix n match nails.
crazy heart nails.
desert sunset nails.

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